Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks :)

my IVM,
Did you read the title for this post? (: Hope u were. Well, just wanna to say, THANKS for everything. You light my day again and again. You light my dark day before. Awesome! You're the one I love. I wouldn't say that you're the last one for me, but I'm gonna say that YOU'RE the forever one for me. Oh yeahhhhhhh <3 I didn't expect that I'll loving you this much. You steal my heart. Damn. How did you do that dear? By the way, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to talk about you again.Please don't go away from me again. I REALLY LOVE YOU, TRULY LOVE.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

yeah you were right about everything girl(hopefully) . but there's a part that you are 100% wrong. let see what is right and wrong about you've saying about him(my boyfiek ♥)

i've been so in love with your man before you did and it is my mistake to let him go at the first place for a jerk named DEE. but that is not a chance for you to judge me cos you are not absolutely know who i am. you can't just me for the thing i do wrong. but i did the same to you aite? so fair enough. but now i want to know the truth that come from my heart not from my mouth. let see what we got. PAGE DOWN PLEASE . thank you .^^v

firstly about DEE,
you said that i am insulted and wrong judge you for the thing you've done months ago. yeap it is true. maybe. cos you've been so annoying in my eyes. everything that you done behind me gain my attention. and honestly, who are you? sorry but i really don't know that you are exist. don't get me wrong. what i meant is, i don't know that you're with DEE when he's flirting with me. your bad that he didn't admit you as his girl. that the things i don't know till my boy told me everything. so i am cleared now. sorry for taking him(DEE) for you hand but it's not fully my fault.

about you,
i was to be hating you so damn much cos what you and your 'sista' did behind me. pretending to be ma friend then stab me? you two wanna get close to me to reveal everything behind me right? yes it's so true. you two got me then i blame you for everything. EVERYTHING. i blame you for taking ma boy from me. but that was before you opened my eyes with your notes that you gave me. sorry seem not to be enough but at least i'm not mute after reading your notes. m not coward okay? i learn my mistakes. yes i did.

about my boyfiek ♥,
the notes that you gave me really make me piss off a bit. cos half of you'd said there was totally against the truth. i never try my best, dead try to take away your boy. i was show up again into his life to take an apology. not taking him from you. maybe my way is wrong but honestly, even i still love him so badly that time, i'll never wanna take him from you cos i can feel that he was being so seriously with you. he told me that he wanna take you as his girl to the end of his life. you is his future wife but then i don't really know what was happen to both of you. a bit jealousy attacks me even sometimes i can't control it until i mad at him . but deep inside me that maybe m the reason for the broke up love. m sooooo sorry to you if it's because of me. that time, we're never more that friend. everything he plan with you in the future, he tell me everything. m about to leaving one day then told me that nothing between you n him anymore. being honest, i totally shocked that day. i slap my face to make sure that i am in reality. yes i am. i don't know what to say cos it was so unpredictable. how can a loving couple like you two can easily to break off? i kept asking him why but he never wanna tell me and ask me to not ask about it again and saying your name. so i did cos i don't wanna let him down. may i ask? you had him in your hand but why did you didn't take a good care of it. such a waste to let him go over you after he was so in love with you. you was his world, his dreams and you that he ever wanted right? i know that i don't have right to say this but i need to make everything clear so there no more fight and revenge between us.

close up:-
last words for me for you girl and your 'sista' if you two read this, please dont force to much and being selfish. guys are really hate being force and control by a girl. just let them free and give them some space or later y'all get hurt. just let love and relationship with the flow. btw, m not meany girl n for you girl named AYU, please be mature okay? if i make a step you know what gonna happen. you'd seen alot oldy aite? so peace no war.

p/s :: to my boyfiek, you know that i love you so the very much from the start and i know you love me too. i love you from grave to mars and from hell to heaven. sincere from me, your lover. lots of love

Saturday, October 1, 2011

HOW ??

How do I tell you that I love you? How can I say that you're the only thing on my mind? We're supposed to be just friends, but for me there's so much more there. I just don't know how to tell you. Do you know how much you meant to me? Do you know that you are the first thing I think of when I wake up? And the last thing I think of when I go to bed? If you knew this would it make any difference? I have this fantasy that one day you will realize i am exist in your world . And it would make you want me as much as I want you. If you knew that I thought about you, if you knew I loved you, if you knew you were all I want, would it make you want me? Inside of me there are words waiting to come out and tell you how I feel like how much I miss you, and how I love you despite my broken heart, and how I need you in my life, and especially how much I want you. But those words will forever stay in my heart-locked inside. Sometimes I wonder if there are words locked inside you too but I'll never know.  She doesn't like you like I do, She doesn't wait all day to talk to you, or wait all night to dream about you. Yeah, You heard me right, I said It, I loved you, and not just in words. I love it when we just talk about silly thing and i can felt butterfly in my tummy when i can make you smile and cherish your day. But i hate it sometimes when you didn't take seriously what i ever said to you, how much i love you, how much you meant to me. Yea i know that you still haunted by the past but then, nothing i can say. You have right. If only my mouth was as big as my heart you'd understand what I am trying to say. I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach, but yet I blow it all off for you. I want you to be happy and if I told you this, it might complicate our lives forever. Some things are better left unspoken, and I guess loving you is one of them. Yes i am bad, annoyed you sometimes and make things into complicated ways and the most important thing is, i loved you with my imperfect ways, unspoken words to describe. Yet you will know and realize this annoying girl loved you so the very much but don't make its too late dear. Oh my God, please help me. Give me strength to face this suck feelings.

p/s :: there so much thing i wanna say and this is a part of it. i love love love you very the much dear love. forever in mine. tiktok! Zzzzzz~ 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wish You Were Here My Love

am so lonely tonight . i cant think anything else besides than you . you keep running through my head . now i really wish you were her, right beside me, be drown in your love . now listen to this song dear, Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne.

I can be tough I can be strong,
But with you, it's not like that at all .

There's a girl who gives a shit behind this wall,
You've just walked through it .

And I remember all those crazy things you said,
You left them running through my head .
You're always there, you're everywhere,
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it .
You're always there, you're everywhere,
But right now I wish you were here .

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you here .
here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
near, near, near
I wish you were here.

I love the way you are .
It's who I am, don't have to try hard .
We always say, say like it is,
And the truth is that I really miss .
p/s :: oh damn it ! i really wish you were here dear . ='/

Sunday, September 11, 2011


How much I love you ?

I love you enough to fight for you,
Compromise for you and sacrifice myself for you if need be.
Enough to miss you incredibly when we’re apart,
no matter what length of time it’s for and regardless of the distance.
Enough to believe in our relationship to stand by it through the worse,
the all misery of times, to have faith in our strength as a couple,
Enough to spend the rest of my life with you,
Be there for you when you need or want me,
And never, ever want to leave you or live without you again !

I don’t know where I stand with you and
I don’t know what I mean to you.
All I know is every time I think of you,
Day and night.
Every breathe I take,
Every step I make
Yes I do since your name wrote on my love story history,
I dare to take all the pain you give even its killing me inside but,


p/s :: whatever tomorrow brings, I will be there, for you my dearest love Ivan Roddick Miguel =’)


Note note note and note . keep reading those notes more all over again …

Those notes really make me breathtaking..
I don’t even know why..

¤ Note to me ¤
She spokes all the hidden feeling inside her all this time..
About my fault, my behavior..
I know she blame n angry at me for what I’ve done..
But she didn’t know the truth..
She wrote there that I’m trying so hard to get her man back..
No I’m not gurl..
I just back to ask for his apology for all I’ve done to him all this time..
To erase his anger, his hatred to me before ‘cause I can’t accept it..
I never think that he still loved me..
Not even once..

¤ Note to him ¤
This note really make me speechless..
Both of them..
All I can say is she really love this man..
Willing to do anything make him stay but at the end she knee down to earth..
I don’t have many thing to comment ‘bout this not..
Its personal..

¤ Mine ¤
After reading those notes I feel really guilty..
I just speechless..
If I strong enough,
I will never text him again,
Change my number,
Deactivate my fb acc
And back off..
I do loved him so much..
Easy to my lips saying those words and betrayed my heart..
But I won’t let it happen again for the 2nd time..
I’m not Adelaide that y’all know 4 5 months ago..
Love is my ultimate emotion..
I maybe not perfect but I loved him with my imperfect ways..
I maybe not like others but I not easy to leave unless you do first..

p/s ::
Sorry dear for ruin your mood night tonight and because of me our plan cancelled. I love you with all my heart. You may meet people better than me, prettier than me, more beautiful than me but, I one thing I can promise you, I will always be there for when the all leave you ♥

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

boi you hurt me all over again ..

i know they are the same person .. its hurt you know boi ? but i dont mind . 
the only thing that broke my heart now is you want to get another using his profile ..
i am your girl remember ?
you can't hide anything from me ..
how could you boi ..
dont you know how much you meant to me ?
how much i love you ?
how much pain i got for loving you ?
you din even know..

gahhh ~ 
maybe this is the pain i should take for hurting you aite ?
but do i have to take this all over again ?
can i trough this one more time ?
do i have any strength left to face this kind of prob u gave me again ?
answer me love .. ='(

shut my mouth ..
close my eyes ..
fool myself ..
i don't care what people say ..
throw they away from my life ..
all i do is for you ..
what else you want me to do to make you stay ?

i can't be like the girls you want to ..
i am who i am ..
that 'who i am' really love you ..
truly love ..
nothing can change her love to you ..
but do you even care ?
do you ?

you want to know what i want from you ?
a heart that can truly love me without any hesitation, any regrets, any lies ..
can you give me that ?
i guess no ..

one day ..
one day you will realize how much this girl loved you ..
and that time, she can't love you anymore ..
she'll never leave you but you will ..
one day you will leave her for another girl ..
one day you will leave her for not loving her anymore while you is her world, her heart, soul and dreams ..

p/s :: my busyuk got wet during write this post and a song from 2NE1, Lonely was played . really broken herrted . cant stop tearing . uwaaaa ~ T.T

Monday, August 15, 2011

hate you ♥ !!!

wehhh . taok sik ? ku bena bencik kau kohhh . aok . berjaya kau polah aku bencik kau nak ? aku bencik kau tegal ompuan ya . dulik ku . ko mok anok2 aku tegal post ku tok xda ku kisah . anok jak cea . taok sik kenak ku bencik kau ? sbb ompuan ya ! nya ngubah kau ! kau bkn drik kau dah ! kau dah jd typical man taok sik ? aku respect kau nok dolok, kinek aku jijik nangga olah kau . benaaa . ompuan ya kenjet, kau mok kenjet dak nya juak ? hipokrit kau dah nak ? nang antap . pande nyelak aku sik rasa dirik . post ku tok kalik suoh kau mkin bencik ku . aku sik kisah . baguslah . pat ku lupak kau ouh . pat juak ku buang cinta ku ngan kau ouh .. dari ku terseksa kedirik sedangkan kau happy2 cea ngan gerek kenjet kau ya . nya servis kau nak ? five star la pok . rindok ati ehh . dah hal nya gago hal taduak dolok lom reda g panas atiku kinek nya dah dpt kau nya mok ubah kau ? baguslah giya . sumpah, kau bena dah bubah . kau hipokrit . dari segi apa ? kau tanyak dirik kau dolok . mesti kau jawab aku nok ngubah kau nak ? sial lahh .  ompuan ya ngenjet hasut kau dolok . now kau mok nyalah aku ? seriously, aku cinta mati ngan kau dolok . still tapi ku sikpat nangga olah kau kinek tok . aku cinta dirik kau sebena . aku xmok ngubah kau . aku terimak dirik kau seadanya . nya ? kau taok jawapan nya nak . dahlah . aku bena malas mok berjawab ngan kau kinek . angol ku nangga olah kau . 

love the way you are boy

p/s :: please be the real you . don't let anything to change you . don't be fake because of love . sucks ! ♥ you


its my day . the day he tore my heart into pieces just by sending a  single text .. 

am broken-hearted girl ..
nothing can make me stay now ..
i'll go away from your life .. i'll never come back .. i don't wanna to ..
cos you don't want me to ..
but i still love ..

aku bawa malang kah tiap kali bergerek ? 

aku jenis yg setia .. sgt setia bila gerek ku setia .. even aku penah setia 2 years kapel thru phone sbb gerek aku masa tuh setia jugak .. aku x setia ngan kau sbb .... camna eh aku nak setia sdgkan kau sendri x setia ngan grek kau ? kau penah tnya aku dulu, if aku tgglkn dye n be with you, what will you do ? aku speechless . sggup ke kau tgglkan dye dmi aku nih ? i really want it to be but then it just a words .. i hate you n dont blame me cos you make me heart turn to him .. YOU MAKE ME !! 

tu kisah 3 bln yg lalu ..
aku masih syg kau ngekk .. aku masihh ..
i still love ..

i guess it was too late for me to get you back .. i hurt you enough aite ? i torture your heart so bad before aite ? ='( am sorry . i do it for reason .. im not gonna hurt my love for no reason .. you know what ? i never should let you go before . but it was too late and now i miss you so badly .. fuhhh ~  

now should i keep waiting for you or just let you go ?
let God made his decision then ..
one more thing ..
my love never fades away .. it was there, still, always be there ..

p/s :: if you're single one day, please come back to me . i will always there waiting for you =')

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Osweld Poi23 ♥


OSWELD POI OSENG ELY . cute name aite ? ^O^! he's a model from Filipino . lives at st. Cruz Manila . (ketara stalker) HAHAHAHA . well, i just love to stalk his profile . his pictures . wehhhh ~ only him okeyh ? hehehe . and i also got pics at my phone . 30+ of them . neyyhhh ~ boh jealous okeyh ? ^O^v he is just too handsome . i meant handsome melampau bahhh . -________________- even nya sik fames tp ya lar ku suka . sikda lar orang banyak minat nya . bea ku sorang jak . LOL . i was friend with him at facebook . how ? secrettt . syuhhhhhh ~ diam keh . org tertentu jak taok . HOHOHO . tp yg pasti nya lar add aku . weee ~ ^^ tp syg bahhh . nya ada gerek dahhh . ngokkk ~ dah nma model + handsome gney xda gerek ouh ? *toink2 ! @.@ yg pasti ku jeless aihhh . aoklahh . hope one day i can date him . please God . Amen . ^-^ hehehehe . aku S.A nya . torang xleh . ku sorang jak . (tamak) HOHOHOHO . oklah . yg pasti ku syg nya, gila nya, adore nya . =') #okbai

 my Osweld Poi 

p.s ♥

p/s :: i'm still in love with you even i know you don't feel the same way about me but i can't seem to get over you =')

Saturday, August 13, 2011

still ♥


yeap ! i still  him  .. why .? idk .. i don't have the answer .. but sad that he doesn't  me anymore .. pity me aite .? HaHaHa .. nope .. it is my fault made a decision without think first .. now he in with her .. i don't blame her but sometimes i blame and hate her so much .. why .? cos she is the one that make us fall apart .. but like i said, i can't blame her .. i am the one that make he go away from me .. i am faith to him but my heart doesn't .. fuhhh ~ *sighhh .. now i want him back but knows that i'm not a part of his life anymore .. boy, i just wanna you to know that even after what we've been trough these few months, i do still  you .. want to know my secrets ? =') i  to mess up your life before cos i still  you and i never want make you out from my mind .. weirdo aite ? HoHoHo . ^O^v wehhh .. aku jeles larh tengok kau happy2 skang nih while aku merana mcm apa .. wuuuuu ~ kau jahat bahh .. dah suka tweet pelik2 kat twitter .. mmg sengaja bagi aku jeles beruh nih .. aku sakit hati sesangat sampai aku unfollow dye .. nehhh .. aku geram sakit hati ouhh .. mcm kau x tau syg kau nih kuat jeles n x pandai handle perasaan .. sbb aku msh  kaulah ngek ! demyuu .. bongok .. xnak kwn kau lagi . bluekkk ~ oklah . kang terlebih perasan pulak kau baca tweet aku nih .. papai ! =p *middle finger for you boy .l.

p/s :: nothing i can do now than pray for having forever relationship .. i just can ♥ you from here .. may god bless you amor .. todo lo que puedo hacer ahora es que amar y orar a Dios que me diera otra oportunidad de estar con ustedesque el amor por amor 

Friday, August 5, 2011

aku sayang ko eri hakuren ! ^_^v

hahaha ! sorry denk ngaco ko pepagi buta mbak ko angol sali gak gara2 blog tok . ngee ~ pa leh buat ku nang bongok blur hal blog tok . hohoho ~ blog ku tok pun ko nok molah pa suma . tok gik ku nyusah ko edit pa suma . ko sot gak mok d'mbak ku angol2 pepagi tok . hahaha ! ya ku syg ko . ko nang